Discover Hacking & Malicious Content Faster

A weekly ClickPost report for one of my personal sites raised some concern when I discovered the site was ranking for search terms unrelated to the site's content.

This led me to discover some injected content within one of the site's subdirectories that had been indexed by Google and was beginning to show up in search rankings.

I immediately removed the content, blocked the content from search engines, changed passwords, etc. I still don't know exactly what happened.

This happened to another site a few years ago, but I only realized it after I Google recognized the malicious content and began warning potential visitors against visiting the site.

Without ClickPost, I would have only uncovered the hacking sooner if I manually went and visited Search Console at least weekly and dug through the reports, which is unlikely.

Keeping your site safe and free of malicious content is certainly a search engine ranking factor, and just another good reason to rely on automated reporting, such as ClickPost.

Shane Cleveland

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