Multiple Email Addresses and Brand Filtering

We are adding features we believe will be most helpful to users as we learn more about data needs in weekly SEO reports.

Email Settings

ClickPost has added the ability to specify multiple email recipients for our weekly SEO reports. Every report is set up to email reports to the address associated with the originating ClickPost user's Google account. Now users can disable and enable the default email as a receiving address and specify additional email addresses to receive weekly reports for individual sites.

Brand Filtering

Companies with a non-keyword brand name may want to exclude search results that their site ranks for that includes their name. As an example, Acme Kites may not want to see how well their site ranks if someone searches for "Acme Kites." Hopefully, they already rank well for that term and are not competing for it. If so, they would filter out queries that contain the word "acme" from results returned in reports for their site.

On the other hand, a company named Trick Kites Co. should not filter out the words "trick" or "kites" as they are both relevant keywords.

The next feature rollout will include the ability to add a custom logo, which will coincide with a new pricing plan aimed at SEO and web marketing agencies to help relay progress to customers, keep them engaged and recognize potential new projects.

Let us know if you have ideas for additional features.

Shane Cleveland

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