New Agency Plan

I knew from the beginning that including something beyond the basic ClickPost plan would be necessary to attract enough customers to make this product viable. I believe the product provides good value for an individual or small company with one or a few income-generating websites. Monitoring Google Search Console data is important and insightful but it is often neglected or not fully utilized. It takes time to go find the right data and understand what it means. I believe ClickPost helps solve that problem and is a tool site owners are willing to pay for. But at a low price point, it would take a lot of customers to remain incentivized to continually improve the product.

I believe SEO, design and web marketing agencies are ideal customers for ClickPost. Additional features and site-reporting limits will allow me to charge more for the product, and I believe the value proposition is higher for agencies. Not only does the per-site cost of ClickPost go down with every client site a user sets up, but it adds value for each of their clients and creates more opportunities to generate ongoing income through continued engagement.

The agency plan is beginning at $20/month, which increases the number of sites allowed from ten to fifty. Additionally, the agency plan allows for white label features for each report, including the use a custom logo and company name. Reports will appear as if they are coming directly from the agency. A custom reply-to address will allow clients to respond directly to the agency from each weekly report.

While a project is ongoing, clients will be able to track improvements in keyword ranking and clicks and impressions into their sites, among other benefits. And I believe the value is high enough for agencies to continue providing ClickPost reports to customers even after the completion of a contract or project. This will keep the agency top-of-mind for referrals and future projects.

Hopefully an agency's clients will see continual improvements to their site, even after the completion of a project, but ClickPost reports may expose the need for ongoing and additional work. I plan to add more features that will also create some comparisons with competitors that may be ranking for common keywords. This may also help an agency's client see if they need to fend off gains being made by specific competitors.

Shane Cleveland

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